U.S.S. Pioneer – "First Step"

…and it is indeed a first step – well, in many ways – this is the first image in a long time that is “completed” (although you never really feel its complete).

4 thoughts on “U.S.S. Pioneer – "First Step"

  1. You evil tease you! You know how much I love this ship 😉 Only issue with this image really is the Starbase looks a bit strange/sharp/bright in contrast with everything else, and that the deflector hue looks like it could do with being more diffuse so that to soften the glow. I love it though. Insignia rocks!

  2. Hi Eric,

    I did a quick adjust of the image here – does this reflect your comments a little?

    I’m off to bed now – will msg you tomorrow.

  3. Definitely on the station! That’s looking better! It definitely comes together as a whole. The style of the station itself reminds me a lot of the movie Serenity too, which had pretty cool space glamour shots.

    The deflector’s glowing even more though which is now absorbing too much of the graceful lines you’ve made for its indentation. What I really meant was make the glow softer in such a way that it stayed at the same size, but that the deflector itself weren’t so…. stand-outish?

  4. Mark,
    Love your designs, especially the Insignia Class. It reminds me of a proposed future ship which featured interchangeable wedge-shaped saucer sections that I read about somewhere. beautiful work

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