Avalon station shot orbiting a star

I’ve recently been bought a new Graphics Tablet by my very kind and understanding fiance, and boy what a difference it’s made to how I create pictures. Here is a shot of the station shown in the “First Step” picture, now renamed Avalon station for the sake of a Star Trek Sim I am doing some images for.

Done in a combination of Photoshop and 3DS Max.

Asteroid Base Survey Room

[Click to enlarge]

This image was created based on an idea for a Star Trek Sim storyline, where an Insignia Class ship was being constructed inside an asteroid. I posted an earlier concept image of the ship departing the base, but here it is whilst still docked.

I originally got the idea for the window affect from the following image on the net:

I then put together this rough image as a concept for approval before I worked on the final version: