Insignia Class U.S.S. Challenger

Some highish res images of the old Insignia Class for a Star Trek sim.

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12 Responses to Insignia Class U.S.S. Challenger

  1. Markus says:

    Those look great, though the registry doesn't make any sense.

  2. Gen. Barada says:


    Would it be possible for you to do a USS Guardian Insignia Class ship?

  3. Mark Kingsnorth says:

    Markus: Agreed…best ask the makers of the Sim! 😉

    Gen Barada: Sure – what would be the NCC number?

  4. Gen. Barada says:

    NCC 73717-A

  5. Gen. Barada says:

    Wow. That is really mice Mark. Thank you.

  6. Gen. Barada says:

    Nice. :-)

  7. Douglas Reid says:


    Could you do it with the USS Hurricane and NCC 72651


  8. Rainer says:

    Hey Mark,

    could you do it with: U.S.S. Freedom and NX 96169 ?
    I would be happy :)

    Big Thanks to you.


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