Insignia/Ascension class size comparison

To answer a question that is frequently asked about these two ships, I’ve done a scaled sized comparison chart to show the relative sizes – the Insignia Class is 560 meters in length and
the Ascension Class is 1400 meters in length…

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9 Responses to Insignia/Ascension class size comparison

  1. curson says:

    Your work is absolutely mindblowing, both this classes (and the Insigna above all) are among my all time favourites.
    This little bit of "information" on the dimensions is much appreciated 😉

  2. Mark Kingsnorth says:

    Thanks let me know if I can give you any other info that comes to mind :)

  3. Kyle says:

    Unbelievably stunning work… I wish I could do things like this. Even just using your meshes and making my own images would be a dream… heh. Do you think the Phoenix mesh will ever get released? How many decks did you see it being?

  4. Mark Kingsnorth says:

    Kyle – the mesh may be released in the future, but I don't have any plans as of yet – I would also have to talk to the guys over at

    As for decks, I think at the time it was thought to have 46. They wanted her to be quite a big ship 😉

  5. Bmused55 says:

    There’s something about it’s lines that are slightly off for me.
    Stunning work for sure! But I think it looks overly stretched out with a “saucer” section that is too small.

    Just my tuppence

  6. Cody says:

    The Ascension is my new favorite class. I was wondering if you had any more specs on her. Oh and do you also do the interior?

    • Mark says:

      Hi Cody,

      Sorry for not getting back to you sooner…I haven’t got too many more specs about her, what would you like to know?

  7. Steven says:

    Hey Mark.

    I have been looking over the Ascension class, and I must say, it is damn impressive, I just have a few questions.

    The Captains yacht, will you be doing up a model for it?

    And second question, Do you know if there is an master systems display for the ship?


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