John Eaves’ concept ship "B" in progress

I have done some work to realise a design concept John Eaves posted here on his blog:


Fascinated by the second ship’s ability to separate but at the same time maintain it’s lines, I’ve started to put some work into realising this in a 3D model.  Here is my progress so far:


Still some work to do, or course: mainly panelling on the secondary hull, the windows, the texturing, and some tweaking to the shape.  Though it’s getting there in between other commitments :)

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3 Responses to John Eaves’ concept ship "B" in progress

  1. john eaves says:

    Holly cow thats awesome!!!!!!! I love your wickedly beautiful interpretation and sleek set of lines that you have created here!!! Such fun and love your modeling skills.

    • Mark says:

      Thanks!! It is great to hear from you. I am an incredibly big fan of your work, and a little star-struck!

      I had paused working on this model, but I’ve now pulled her out of mothballs and have made some further progress today – check out the latest post here.

      Hope you check back soon!

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