Insignia Class starship at Warp

Firstly, sorry for being away for so long….I have been busy this year getting married, which you can read all about on our other blog. Also, my old computer blew up quite spectacularly just after the honeymoon (As if to say “Not again, please…”), so I have been busy re-building a new one. Although I think I am reaching the limit of what one computer can do and really should look into how easy it is to configure a render farm.

To start slightly afresh, I have also moved the blog to my own hosting so that I have a little more control over it. ¬†Any who, onto my latest work…

I’ve been wanting to have a go at a Next Generation era warp star effect for some time ago, and this youtube tutorial started me on my way.

I set up a blizzard particle system as per the tutorial and the main thing I changed was the instanced mesh: instead of a cylinder I used a capsule with the one end shrunk using an FFD modifier, to make it look like a spark. That and a bit of gradient texturing to give a subtly multi-coloured effect and you are pretty much there. I also added a smattering of fixed stars in the background as that was also in line with the television effect.

So, here I am on my new blog….almost. I’d like to tweek the theme of it a little, and need to officially announce I am moving on the old one, but that will have to wait another day.

Oh, and this is pretty much the first animation of the Insignia Class I have ever done. Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Insignia Class starship at Warp

  1. And an awesome debut it is! We’ve been using the Insignia-class for a long while now on our USS Discovery simm never realizing it was actually an Insignia-class until just a few days ago. Now that we have, we’ve all been marveling at the beautiful work of her creator. The animation is definitely icing. Just great stuff man!

    I see it’s hosted at Vimeo which include the option to embed. I’m trying to find a nice place to feature this on our simm’s site now, but considering the long hours of work behind this, I wanted to get your express permission to use it before I do so. That goes for the other images we’ve had around for awhile and others as well. Never feel quite right just grabbing stuff without express permission, even if credit is rendered.

    • Hi there Chris,

      I should post a note up somewhere in the site but I am very happy for you to use any video images you wish, just give me credit with perhaps a link back to the site and I’ll be happy!

      Glad you like the pictures and I shall keep them coming.

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