Insignia Class Starship mesh available for download

I have had a lot of requests over the years to release my Insignia Class Starship mesh to the public, and after some resistance on my part I have finally submitted.

It can be hard to let go of something you have come to hold very dear to your heart; I remember when I first developed this design from the sketches at the back of the old TNG Technical Manual. I recall the hours and the months slaving away to make it a reality. So I have been very wary of unleashing it into the public domain where I have no control of it. I have come to trust you though, dear readers; so treat it well.

I never seem to have the time to make the many animations and pictures I have in mind for the model, which is also a reason for releasing it. There are a fair few of you and only one of me, so I look forward to seeing all the images and animations people make with it – please do email me with any of the work you do. Just remember to credit me whenever you use it!

So, with that, continue to the new downloads page

10 thoughts on “Insignia Class Starship mesh available for download

  1. Mark, thank you! You may well have made my year. Keep up the good work and I will keep reading! I hope this beauty gets the great deal of respect it deserves.

  2. Oooooohhhh…. Thank you, sir. THIS may just be what I need to play around with 3D rendering. Don’t have Max, unfortunately, gonna have to show some small amount of skill before I put money down for a program like that. Any recommendations for a Mac user who wants to get his feet wet? Blender? Sketch-Up? Something I haven’t run across yet? And what would it take to load this mesh into something like Blender or Sketch-Up? Thanks, in advance.

    • Hi there Casey,

      I would suggest Sketch up for modelling, but for a good all round tool (which is free!) I would recommend Blender. The only barrier to it is that the user interface is quite hard to master – however they have been working on this, and I have been able to produce some very nice effects. I also hear good things about Rhino 3d.

      In terms of loading the mesh into something like Blender, I think it is possible, but I will need to export the mesh into .obj format in 3D studio and then you will be able to import that into blender. There appears to be some scripts that will do the trick here. If you want me to do this let me know, and I’ll look into exporting it to .obj format. Note that these sort of conversions don’t “just work”, unfortunately, and you might have to do some manual work to fix any mesh errors after you have got it into Blender.

      • That would be wonderful, yes, please. I’ve tinkered a small amount with Sketch-Up and Blender – mostly because they’re free – and, yes, Blender’s UI scares me a bit. Any recommendations for a Mac person as far as 3D software goes, commercial or otherwise?

  3. Hi there,

    Thank you very very much for releasing this. I would ask one thing, would it be possible to let me do a LIghtwave conversion of the mesh so I can make some nice renders? Pweetty Pwease 🙂


    • Hi Jenny,

      Of course you can! In fact, if you’re prepared to share I’ll be happy to host the conversion here on the site.

      Let me know how you get on…

  4. Hi Mark!
    Fantastic to see that you have released this ever so popular mesh.
    Would you be up for a collaborative effort to get an accurate MSD for the ship class made?

    All I need is a full 7 plane view (top, bottom, front, back , left, right and a sliced down the absolute centre view) in hi res (say 5000 pixels per view for accuracy) and I can create an accurate MSD.

    Drop me an e-mail if you are interested 🙂

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