Insignia Class Master Systems Display

Alexander Richardson has done an amazing job rendering my Insignia Class as a LCARs system display. I supplied him some high resolution profile views of my 3D mesh which he worked from. He was generous enough to give me first sight of the 10000×4039 pixel masterpiece here.

There are lots of little nuggets in the detail. It seems that the Weyland Yutani corporation had a hand in the construction. Not sure how I feel about that… 😉

Alex’s blog, which includes lots of other displays from Star Trek and beyond, is here.

7 thoughts on “Insignia Class Master Systems Display

  1. That is a truly beautifully detailed MSD for the Insignia =D And it was about time we saw one for this version of it too! Nice work, both of you, always pulling out the best 🙂

  2. Hahaha, that is awesome. I love all the little random details that are in there.

    I do have one question though, is that large section in the mid neck of the ship supposed to be hydroponics? It looks like an onboard park lol.

  3. Mark, the Insignia-class is top-notch. I first saw it in the Star Trek vs BSG clip on YouTube, then again in the SOTL calendar. Excellent work! What I am wondering, however, is what the specifications (length, height, width, crew complement, etc) are. I’ve seen a few notes on the Insignia-class around the Internet, but they’re all over the place, ranging from 439.54m long to 533-550m to 680m and so on. I didn’t know if you had listed her specs anywhere in particular. It stands to reason that since you designed Insignia, you ended up with a particular set of specifications at the end of it. Thanks again for sharing your work with us, as well as any nudges in the right direction for Insignia specs.

    • Hi Jeff – These are from a few years ago, but the official dimensions are:

      Length: 580m
      Height: 80m
      Beam: 390m
      Decks: 23

      Hope that helps!

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