Contact form fixed

It came to my attention that the contact form was broken, which then uncovered a virus lurking in my blog.  I think I’ve resolved the problem, but if you see any issues please comment here to let me know.

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3 Responses to Contact form fixed

  1. Ed says:

    Hi Mark,

    I was wondering if you’d ever calculated the internal volume of the Insignia Class starship since you made a 3D mesh of it?

    • Mark says:

      No I don’t think I’ve ever tried to check the internal volume – I think you can do this in 3DS Max though?

  2. Hello, I have suggestion to Curves To Mesh plugin.
    Maybe it would be possible to create 3 curves mesh with such topology:

    Thank you for developing this plugin, I was waiting for such functionality in blender for a long time.

    I was wondering if the mesh could be dynamic in combine with Animation Nodes plugin?


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