Starships for download

I’ve added some other starship models for download tonight – the Hawking and Ascension Class starships. The Ascension is probably most famous for being the main ship of Star Trek: Phoenix, but now you can make it your own!

All are either in 3DS Max 2010 or .Obj format.  I’ve also added a better .obj version of the Insignia Class mesh.

Let me know if you have any problems with them….

Hawking Class (3D Studio Max 2010)
Hawking Class Starship (.obj format)

Ascension Class (3D Studio Max 2010)
Ascension Class Starship (.obj format)

8 thoughts on “Starships for download

  1. Hi Mark! How you doing old friend?
    I´m writing just to let you know that I´m very happy with the new downloads you made available. One more time, THANK YOU!
    About the eaves class, I have just one suggestion. Make the naceles front more “thin”, something like that from the Enterprise-E. I believe it fits better with the overall ship design. 😉

    • The Hawking class should be up now – I just need to find the time (ha!) to finish off the Eaves class before it is released. Hope this helps!

  2. Hey, I am having trouble downloading the files. I don’t do anything but play with 3d meshes in 3ds max, and I am liking your work a lot. mediafire tells me error downloading file. Thanks.

  3. You do some awesome work! Haven’t seen anything new for awhile. Hungry for more! Anything on the horizon for download?


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