Dedication Class Starship mesh available for download

It’s taken a while, but I’ve finally zipped up the mesh and textures for Chris Madden’s Dedication Class. You’ll find it in the Downloads section.

I’m afraid it is only available in 3DS Max 2014 format, as I ran into all sorts of issues converting it into a more exportable .obj format. If anyone has more luck, let me know and I’ll put it up for download.

The mesh is given out with the permission of Chris, so please credit him with the design and me with the mesh if you use it! I’m always interested to hear when others make use of the meshes I put up for download, so let me know if you do.

Once more, apologies to the number of people who contact me with requests where I never have chance to reply. Unfortunately, the work on this blog ends up being a hobby that I have very little time spare to devote to. I have now put up an FAQ that answers some common enquiries.

I have been busy toying with certain effects, however – the above image actually has a 3D panoramic nebula background that was mainly produced with Blender. I am continually chasing a Mutara Nebula type effect in CGI. I have been mainly toying with Blender’s volumetric capability to try various effects…but nothing good yet. The above image doesn’t use volumetrics but does make use of Blender’s impressive node texturing system.

Anyhow, here is a brief slideshow of some development shots of the Dedication Class (it may take a while to load):

6 thoughts on “Dedication Class Starship mesh available for download

  1. That’s the loveliest Trek ship ever. I’m pretty sure that’s what the Enterprise actually looks like and all this time we’ve just been suffering through garbled communications. Ship of the imagination, right there.

  2. I love this ship! As it was already said before I think that’s what the Enterprise was supposed to look like. Just for this ship I downloaded the 3DS Max trial to create some schematic views which are now hanging on a wall at home 🙂
    I just wonder if you could us a bit more about that ship like measurements (~550m in length, right?), speed, crew, weapons (2 torpedo launchers right above the deflector dish and 3x 2 phasers to the front and each side located around that blue “dome” on the lower side of the saucer section?) and auxiliary vessels?

    Keep on working like this! Your mesehs are the best ones available!

  3. Hello,

    I love the design and symmetry of this starship. Could you provide the dimensions of the Dedication class starship? I would love to see this type of ship in the new Star Trek TV series in 2017. Wouldn’t you? Thank you for your time.


    • I produced the following dimensions for the ship when someone else asked about them the other day:

      Length: 553m
      Width: 247m
      Height: 78m

      • Thank you. I wish the dimensions were bigger, like 1200m length. 400m width and 100m Height. In the Star Trek universe compared to other sci-fi universes the ships are always bigger. Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars capital ships. Thank you for responding.


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