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SOTL Competition 2016: Entry #3

pioneer-finalNow that the calendar has been released, my third and last entry was of the U.S.S. Pioneer – the model won the competition but the shot of it over the Earth was used:



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SOTL Competition 2016: Entry #2

uss_yorktown_mark_kingsnorth_50My second entry was of the U.S.S. Yorktown – an old 3D model very close on concept to the Ascension Class, I pulled her out of mothballs and added some detail.

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SOTL Competition 2016: Entry #1

Along with the winning entry, I also entered a few others – here was the first:

uss_carolina_mark_kingsnorth_50The background was the start of some nebula-like experiments I’ve been doing using Blender’s volumetrics and noise textures, which I’ll post about later.  Here’s a taster of one of the latest effects:



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Ships of the Line 2016: Winning Entry

sotl.2016.insigniaI thought it safe to wait until it was announced elsewhere, but I’m happy to report my entry for the Ships of the Line design contest last year made the winning list for the 2016 calendar.

Along with my winning entry, I also entered some others; I’ll start posting those on the website soon.

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