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Avalon Station profile images

A very simple model, but it’s design seems to be quite popular – So here’s some raw shots of the station to see what actual detail is there:

Here is a close up shot, well, as close as I’m willing to go on a model that was only meant to be some background dressing in a scene!

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Orange Planet & Asteroid belt

Before I ruin it by putting a spaceship in the foreground, thought I’d post this up.

The barren planet texture was from a picture that Chrissie took of the rust on the surface of an iron garden roller.

Update: I fianlly got round to ruining it by adding that space station here:

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Avalon station shot orbiting a star

I’ve recently been bought a new Graphics Tablet by my very kind and understanding fiance, and boy what a difference it’s made to how I create pictures. Here is a shot of the station shown in the “First Step” picture, now renamed Avalon station for the sake of a Star Trek Sim I am doing some images for.

Done in a combination of Photoshop and 3DS Max.

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