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Starships for download

I’ve added some other starship models for download tonight – the Hawking and Ascension Class starships. The Ascension is probably most famous for being the main ship of Star Trek: Phoenix, but now you can make it your own!

All are either in 3DS Max 2010 or .Obj format.  I’ve also added a better .obj version of the Insignia Class mesh.

Let me know if you have any problems with them….

Hawking Class (3D Studio Max 2010)
Hawking Class Starship (.obj format)

Ascension Class (3D Studio Max 2010)
Ascension Class Starship (.obj format)

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Insignia/Ascension class size comparison

To answer a question that is frequently asked about these two ships, I’ve done a scaled sized comparison chart to show the relative sizes – the Insignia Class is 560 meters in length and
the Ascension Class is 1400 meters in length…

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Something blue

It seemed I’d done a fair few orange things lately, so I thought I’d try something blue.

Done for

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Ongoing projects.

I continue to do animation work for Sonnet films for the time being, and unfortunately cannot show anything as of yet until their official release of The Incursion. Suffice to say it’s something original and I will post the final effects and development art here when I can.

In the meantime, I also continue to do stills work for Star Trek: Phoenix, any images of which I’ll post here (as above). The producer wanted to show the relative scales of the two ships in the production.

Apologies to all those that have contacted me where I am yet to reply; I am working to get round to you soon.

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USS Phoenix Animation

This animation was put together last week for the unveiling in Seattle – it had to be done against a tight deadline – in an ideal world it would have been a little more polished.

A different version of the video is also at

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Development of the Ascension Class: Photos & Album


I have been busy these last few months working on a new design for Star Trek: Phoenix, a fan based production in Seattle.

Now that the final 3D Mesh has been handed over to them and they have formally revealed the design, I can at last catalogue all my work here – from initial sketches, test models, development shots through to the final textured design.

Click here to browse through all the images in one Album:

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