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Insignia Class nebulae shot

An image I did today, seeing as I haven’t made much use of this ship…

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Insignia/Ascension class size comparison

To answer a question that is frequently asked about these two ships, I’ve done a scaled sized comparison chart to show the relative sizes – the Insignia Class is 560 meters in length and
the Ascension Class is 1400 meters in length…

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Insignia Class U.S.S. Challenger

Some highish res images of the old Insignia Class for a Star Trek sim.

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Ongoing projects.

I continue to do animation work for Sonnet films for the time being, and unfortunately cannot show anything as of yet until their official release of The Incursion. Suffice to say it’s something original and I will post the final effects and development art here when I can.

In the meantime, I also continue to do stills work for Star Trek: Phoenix, any images of which I’ll post here (as above). The producer wanted to show the relative scales of the two ships in the production.

Apologies to all those that have contacted me where I am yet to reply; I am working to get round to you soon.

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Turning out very differently from what I sketched out here, this is a shot for a Star Trek Sim of a ship departing an Asteroid base.

The story required a holodeck-type effect on the doors, so I added this here but I thought it might be a little hard to explain outside the storyline:

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Asteroid Base Survey Room

[Click to enlarge]

This image was created based on an idea for a Star Trek Sim storyline, where an Insignia Class ship was being constructed inside an asteroid. I posted an earlier concept image of the ship departing the base, but here it is whilst still docked.

I originally got the idea for the window affect from the following image on the net:

I then put together this rough image as a concept for approval before I worked on the final version:

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A couple of Insignia Class starships

Just some images of two Insignia Class Starships I did as a request for a couple of Star Trek Sims.

The USS Achilles:


…and the USS Phoenix:

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Rough asteroid base exit concept sketch

Although it is just an “initial idea” concept for an image I am working on for another Star Trek SIM, thought I’d post it for anyone who’s interested even in my rough work.

Set inside an asteroid, the strange “exit” is because the base is intended to be protected by a hologrid which shields it from the outside world.

There are a few other ideas and images in the pipeline – any finished versions, or in-development work, will also be posted here.

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Insignia Class – the latest

Been a long time, but I have been busy on working on the Insignia Class based on feedback from the members – although no changes to the actual mesh were made, I did go about adding a more complete set of textures to it, and that has progressed it to the point where I really am happy with it now, and will be putting it to bed as far as making it any ‘better’ is concerned.

So, here’s a selection of renders for it -hopefully time will start to free up in the new year and I’ll be able to develop myself on completely new projects. But I’m sure the Insignia will pop up, from time to time:

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Insignia Class – Profile Views

I did this on request from a friend a few weeks ago – as it has been requested elsewhere as well I thought I’d post it here. The image contains some views of the Insignia Class starship, warts and all:

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