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Started (but not finished) texturing the Eaves

I’ve found time to start texturing John Eaves’ starship now, but it’s not quite ready for the world yet – hence it’s a little shrouded in darkness here.  The nacelle detail isn’t quite right and I’m scratching my head a little about the panelling effect on the surface, but here it is for you to see it take shape.

If you have any suggestions for the texturing, let me know!

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Eaves Class Colour Tests

I’ve pretty much finished the actual modelling stage of John Eaves’ ship now, so I’ve started to turn my mind to painting it…I wanted it to look a little different to my previous ships.  Here’s my first attempt and putting some basic colours on it.  For those interested, I’ve used mental ray materials to create the glossy effects.  If anyone has any tips on mental ray (it’s my first time!), please let me know.

I’m undecided on the colour of elements like the deflector still, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

Oh, and I’m aware that some of you have sent emails that I am meaning to reply to.  I shall drop you a line shortly!  I also haven’t forgotten about some of the tutorials I’ve promised.  Finally, when I’m done with the eaves class, I will definitely put it up for download.

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Eaves Class: A little bit more progress…

I haven’t had much time to devote to this lately, but I managed to steal a few hours tonight to work on it; the model now has some escape pods and a few more lights.

I also spent a fair bit of time re-modelling the front saucer’s deflector to better reflect John’s sketches.

Not too far to go and I’ll be texturing it…

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Eaves Class with detachable saucer….

A little progress today, not much – I added just a few more windows and rounded off the front deflector…

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Further work on the John Eaves ship

Due to the recent praise I received from the man himself, I’ve resumed modeling work on John Eaves’ starship design. This is the design that will separate its inner saucer section whilst maintaining the shape.  Here’s John’s sketch again (The “B”):

The main work today was adding the windows.  Boy, adding windows is not my favorite pass time. In 3DS Max, I use the shapemerge tool mainly and then clean up the result using the Edit Poly modifier earlier.  See this tutorial from On the whole the technique works well, but it takes such a long time and is very repetitive.  If anyone has any quicker ways of working on this sort of thing, let me know!

John sketched elongated horizontal window shapes on the ship, rather than the usual vertical windows you see on mid-24th century ships like the Enterprise-D.  If you look on the future Enterprise J you could almost imagine there is a horizontal slant to the windows there as well. Almost. So you could argue that it was the start of a trend in the late 24th century which was continued on through to the Enterprise J era.  Maybe. Sort of.

I am imaginatively calling the ship the “Eaves Class” for now – there were a few ideas about the name from posts on John’s blog but I don’t think it got resolved…I shall leave this one to the public!

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More warp effect animations

Some more animations of the Hawking and Insignia class starships using the Star Trek warp effect I used earlier.

I have had a few requests to make a tutorial on this effect, so I’ll plan on putting something together.

In the meantime, here’s the Hawking class:

Another Insignia Class:

…and then one more of the Hawking again:

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Insignia Class in .obj format

I have managed to export the Insignia Class to .obj format so that it can be used in Lightwave…but I’m not sure what to do with it next :)

The zip file is here:

Anyone willing to help out? If it works well I will post the lightwave conversion up on the downloads listing…

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Excelsior Class and Utopia Planitia orbital dock

Excelsior Class in orbit around Utopia Planitia yards on Mars

This is a shot of a Deep Space Nine-style excelsior (hint: the nacelles glow) in orbit over Utopia Planitia.  The orbital dock seen here is a model I did of a station briefly glimpsed at in the Star Trek Voyager episode Relativity.  I didn’t have much reference material at the time, and it’s hard to believe but the model is now just over 10 years old!  Here is a closer shot of it (Click for a larger version):

Utopia Planitia Orbital Station

I’ll put this up for download if there is enough interest in it.

The Excelsior class ship is however, not entirely my own – it was originally Eric Peterson’s mesh which you can get hold of here. I believe Matt Allen and Rob Willson also did some rework of it, and then I have taken it and done some re-modelling and retexturing of it (Phew!).  However my modifications were light and its still a great mesh to use.

Oh, and if I don’t speak to any of you before – Merry Christmas! 😉

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Nemesis Dry Dock shot

Insignia Class in Drydock

The image above took some time and I’m still not very satisfied with it, but I have decided to put it to bed and post it here.  The work bees seen here were designed based on some John Eaves designs (again!), and here’s a closer look at it below: Here’s John’s original sketch:

My mesh was based on the one in the bottom left :)

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Insignia Class Starship in Dry Dock (Rough)

Insignia Class Starship in Dry dockDue to a request this weekend for a shot of the Insignia Class starship in a Nemesis-style drydock I had a quick search on the net and was lucky enough to find the above mesh at by an S-Stephen.

I have only done a rough mock up so far (which is why the above is quite low-res, sorry), but I plan to do a couple of good desktop sized shots over the next week.  So stay tuned!

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