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SOTL Competition 2016: Entry #3

pioneer-finalNow that the calendar has been released, my third and last entry was of the U.S.S. Pioneer – the model won the competition but the shot of it over the Earth was used:



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Ships of the Line 2016: Winning Entry

sotl.2016.insigniaI thought it safe to wait until it was announced elsewhere, but I’m happy to report my entry for the Ships of the Line design contest last year made the winning list for the 2016 calendar.

Along with my winning entry, I also entered some others; I’ll start posting those on the website soon.

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Home is where the starship is…

Taking a break from the Eaves Class 3D mesh, which I still feel needs a little more work, I thought I’d try my hand at making a triptych (A picture split into three pieces) of the Insignia Class starship for my home.  I’ve been wanting to do this for some time and have had blank empty walls in the house ever since we moved in because of it.

I did the picture below a couple of weeks ago with this in mind, which was a combination of cloud effects and radial blur in photoshop:

I then split the above image into three, rescaling the ship so that it fit within the third section. Originally the ship spilled over into the second, but I thought this might look a little disjointed.

I then went over to canvas101 and ordered three prints on foam board. This was cheaper than printing them off on canvas, and as this was the first time I’d done this I was wary of them turning out badly. However, I was quite pleased with the results.  Here they are on my wall:

Overall, I was quite pleased – I hope they don’t look too geeky for “normal” people visiting!

Next, I’m turning my thoughts to the end of our hallway.  I’ve put together this rough concept image to give you (and my understanding wife) a taste for what I’m planning:

So, what do people think?  Would you have something in your lounge like this?

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Insignia Class in .obj format

I have managed to export the Insignia Class to .obj format so that it can be used in Lightwave…but I’m not sure what to do with it next :)

The zip file is here:


Anyone willing to help out? If it works well I will post the lightwave conversion up on the downloads listing…

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Insignia Class Starship mesh available for download

I have had a lot of requests over the years to release my Insignia Class Starship mesh to the public, and after some resistance on my part I have finally submitted.

It can be hard to let go of something you have come to hold very dear to your heart; I remember when I first developed this design from the sketches at the back of the old TNG Technical Manual. I recall the hours and the months slaving away to make it a reality. So I have been very wary of unleashing it into the public domain where I have no control of it. I have come to trust you though, dear readers; so treat it well.

I never seem to have the time to make the many animations and pictures I have in mind for the model, which is also a reason for releasing it. There are a fair few of you and only one of me, so I look forward to seeing all the images and animations people make with it – please do email me with any of the work you do. Just remember to credit me whenever you use it!

So, with that, continue to the new downloads page

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Nemesis Dry Dock shot

Insignia Class in Drydock

The image above took some time and I’m still not very satisfied with it, but I have decided to put it to bed and post it here.  The work bees seen here were designed based on some John Eaves designs (again!), and here’s a closer look at it below: Here’s John’s original sketch:

My mesh was based on the one in the bottom left :)

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Insignia Class Starship in Dry Dock (Rough)

Insignia Class Starship in Dry dockDue to a request this weekend for a shot of the Insignia Class starship in a Nemesis-style drydock I had a quick search on the net and was lucky enough to find the above mesh at scifi-meshes.com by an S-Stephen.

I have only done a rough mock up so far (which is why the above is quite low-res, sorry), but I plan to do a couple of good desktop sized shots over the next week.  So stay tuned!

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