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Excelsior Class and Utopia Planitia orbital dock

Excelsior Class in orbit around Utopia Planitia yards on Mars

This is a shot of a Deep Space Nine-style excelsior (hint: the nacelles glow) in orbit over Utopia Planitia.  The orbital dock seen here is a model I did of a station briefly glimpsed at in the Star Trek Voyager episode Relativity.  I didn’t have much reference material at the time, and it’s hard to believe but the model is now just over 10 years old!  Here is a closer shot of it (Click for a larger version):

Utopia Planitia Orbital Station

I’ll put this up for download if there is enough interest in it.

The Excelsior class ship is however, not entirely my own – it was originally Eric Peterson’s mesh which you can get hold of here. I believe Matt Allen and Rob Willson also did some rework of it, and then I have taken it and done some re-modelling and retexturing of it (Phew!).  However my modifications were light and its still a great mesh to use.

Oh, and if I don’t speak to any of you before – Merry Christmas! 😉

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Planetary Explosion

I was asked to blow up a peaceful planet for Sonnet Realm Films a couple of weeks ago, and it seemed I had very little choice but to comply…

Done mainly in 3DS Max, where the use of glow effects really helped in the final render.

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Exploding planet

Had an idea the other day for a scene where a weapon rips through planets like butter – here is my first test (Click to enlarge):

For now it uses 3D Studio max’s standard earth texture, but I’ll improve it as I go along. I also haven’t worried too much about the actual beam effect for now, either.

A version with the contrast turned up slightly:

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