Development of the Ascension Class: Photos & Album

I have been busy these last few months working on a new design for Star Trek: Phoenix, a fan based production in Seattle.

Now that the final 3D Mesh has been handed over to them and they have formally revealed the design, I can at last catalogue all my work here – from initial sketches, test models, development shots through to the final textured design.

Click here to browse through all the images in one Album:

9 thoughts on “Development of the Ascension Class: Photos & Album

  1. Great to see you back at it, Mark! Or at least – Great to see why you’ve been somewhat silent lately. 🙂

    The design is certainly an interesting one. I really like what you did with the deflector area. And it’s great to see the design process you went through – refining various areas down to the final design.

    Impressive work, as always.

  2. Thanks Comco – the design came out from the back story of the show – the “wings” were supposed to show that is was inspired by Romulan contributions.

    The deflector was a difficult one as the producers had something very specific in mind they wanted to realise.

    How is going?

  3. Hello sir! I’m a big Trekky and am a designer of starships as well! I have been thinking for some time that the federation needs a truly “large” class starship, and the Ascension class Phoenix is quite something!! Truly impressive design by the way, encompassing the original designs of the tell tale lines of the ‘D’ class Galaxy and/or esp. the ‘E’ class Sovereign. I really am floored by the Phoenix! Brilliant sir! What is your primary career? Are you a sci fi artist or do you work more in films? Anyway, I’m an opera singer and am at the beginning of my professional career! If you like opera at all, you can check me out on youtube!

    Take care,


    ~Jason Chandler Duika, Baritone.

    • Hi there Jason,

      This is all a personal hobby at the moment. I would jump at the chance of making this a living! I currently specialise in visual analytics.

      Thanks for your comments on my design – I developed it for and they wanted a pretty big ship to fill their show.

      All the best in your career – follow your dreams!

  4. Hi Mark,

    Thank a lot for your 3D ship. I have a problem when i want change the number (NCC …..)of the ship with “editer spline”. it’s dosen’t work.I have a bug when rendering the pics. Can you help me?

    Sorry for my english, i’m a french

  5. I got here after having had the Ascension on my desktop rotation for years. It popped up this morning, and I thought again that’s the coolest starship design in the universe, so did some googling and found Mark’s website.

    What sort of software would I need to view the 3D models? Or could go watch an episode of Phoenix lol…

    Beautiful work. —Casey, Harrisburg OR

    • Thanks! I developed the models in 3D studio max (.max), but I believe something like Blender 3D will allow you to see and render the .obj files.

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