Hawking Class starship progress

Some progress, at last! Having devoted my time in recent months to Wedding arrangements and designing invites, I got round to adding some textures today to the Hawking Class I posted up at the turn of the year.

Note I am still thinking of adding a bridge…but perhaps the engineers finally realised that they shouldn’t put the command center at one of the more vulnerable parts of a vessel?

6 thoughts on “Hawking Class starship progress

  1. I noticed in the new STAR TREK movie that the Bridge isn't Deck One any more – they lowered it a deck or two to a spot that used to be lit (well, on the TMP-design Enterprise at least) but was turned into the front window/view screen. Wonder what the reasoning was – did they want the transparent view screen, or were they thinking a bit more sensibly?

  2. I like the Hawking class. Interesting, unique design, Enterprise-J -ish warp pylons ^^ and that flagging nose of the saucer 🙂

  3. I named it less to do with Stephen Hawking and more to do with how I thought it looked like a Hawk – with the beak and outstretched wings and such like 😉

  4. Have to say I really like this design, not sure about the lack of a bridge module but as it appears to be a smallish ship then why not as it worked on the Defiant?

  5. I really do like this concept. It has a sleek beauty to it. Do you have orthos of the vessel. I would love (with you permission) to use this vessel in our club for game play.

    • Hi there,

      Sorry for the delay in responding. You are more than welcome to use my images from my website. I would appreciate you putting a credit somewhere.

      As for orthos I have a small image I will be releasing soon.


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