Q: Can I use your work in my own websites and/or fiction?

A: Yes, of course! I even welcome it. All I ask for is a little mention in the form of something like ‘by Mark Kingsnorth’ or similar, and if you’re really feeling generous a link back to my website would be great. If you do, I’d be genuinely interested in seeing what you’ve used and how, so do get in touch.

Q: Would you consider doing commissions for original prints, book covers and similar media?

A: I definitely would consider this, depending on how time consuming and costly a project might be. Send me a message and we can discuss it further.

Q: Can I convert some of your meshes into a format used by another application or game, or even 3D print the mesh?

A: I’m also happy for you to do this, as I often get requests for mesh conversions which I rarely have the time to do. It’s also brilliant to see my designs worked into games or seen as a real model.

Q: I am putting together a fan film and would love for you to help out…can you?

A: If I had far more time and I didn’t need to worry about money, I would love to help out with all of the requests I get. Unfortunately, this is where I have to contend with all the demands of the outside world. I have worked on some small fan productions before, and one starship design took me over 9 months to complete! Lately, it is almost impossible for me to find the time for such noble efforts. I admire the people who can!

Q: I have a Star Trek starship design that I’d love for you to make into a 3D model. Can you make it?

A: I could, but again it would take me a great deal of time…so in reality, I never get the chance. I get many requests for this, none of which I can realistically honour. I would really encourage you to try and make it yourself; it’s how I got started, in a very old version of TrueSpace 3D. Nowadays, there is plenty of very powerful open source software out there – Blender, for instance, is something I am using a lot. Follow some tutorials and you’ll be amazed at the effects you get. You’ll get much more satisfaction and control than having someone else do itl.