Hawking Class starship progress

Some progress, at last! Having devoted my time in recent months to Wedding arrangements and designing invites, I got round to adding some textures today to the Hawking Class I posted up at the turn of the year.

Note I am still thinking of adding a bridge…but perhaps the engineers finally realised that they shouldn’t put the command center at one of the more vulnerable parts of a vessel?

New Year, New ship

Here are some preliminary renders of a ship I’ve been working on in between cooking too much Turkey and singing Old Lang Syne: A ship provisionally billed as the Hawkings Class because, well, that’s just what came to mind.

A little reminiscent of the Sovereign and Interpid classes, I am more using the design to test the faster creation of models and to keep the poly count down. Currently I’m not too happy with the panels and the stardrive section needs windows along with lots of other detail, but from these pics you can get an early impression: