Insignia Class – the latest

Been a long time, but I have been busy on working on the Insignia Class based on feedback from the members – although no changes to the actual mesh were made, I did go about adding a more complete set of textures to it, and that has progressed it to the point where I really am happy with it now, and will be putting it to bed as far as making it any ‘better’ is concerned.

So, here’s a selection of renders for it -hopefully time will start to free up in the new year and I’ll be able to develop myself on completely new projects. But I’m sure the Insignia will pop up, from time to time:

8 thoughts on “Insignia Class – the latest

  1. Needless to say, she looks superb Mark. This new texture makeover makes the ship look very cinematic. Have you got any of your old scenes that you rendered with the older textures? I’d be interested to see a side-by-side comparison rendered with this new version against the old…

  2. Your insignia class has always been my favourite Starfleet ship ever. It deserves it’s own TV show! You did an incredible great job on designing it.

  3. Sorry for my english…

    the pioneer is supercool, it´s my favorite star ship… but why you change so many from the firts time`

  4. Hi Comco – I am very busy at the moment moving house, so I haven’t been around as much – but I do have the old file kicking around somewhere so I shall do that side-by-side shot.

  5. Hello Ran,

    Do you mean why did I change so many parts of the ship?

    I was unhappy the old version was so flat and did not look good compared to more recent Star Trek ships.

    I am happier with it now, though 😉

    Does that answer your question?

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